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our new application specially dedicated to the boat Asani. Here you will find our timetables and our special travel offers.
Round Tripa round trip to return to your starting point, or a “go-to” to discover another beach.
3 Days Pass: to travel unlimited for three days.
Week Pass: an unlimited travel card for a whole week !


A true Greek night :
Live the unique experience of a sunset at sea. Just like the real Greek fishermen, embark at dusk, at a time when the sea is as smooth as silk. Let yourself be rocked by the waves, contemplate the sunset and its thousand colors.

We offer a tasting of the catch of the day as well as an assortment of mezze and drinks.

Call us on +30 698 18 30 727 or +33 685 016 626 for more information or visit us at the port entrance.


In the secret of the creeks:
Embark with family or friends for a light lunch in one of the many coves of the island. Discover the coastline, drop the anchor in a fresh paradise and dive from the boat for a turquoise swim. Enjoy our mezze in the shade of our bamboo alcove and let yourself go for a nice nap.

Reservations: +30 698 1830727 or +33 6 85 01 66 26


Nassiotika, Rebetiko, Jazz :
Anafi is famous for its visiting musicians.
We discover the new talents and take you two nights a week for a magical concert at sea. We also offer a tasting of an assortment of mezze and drinks.

Reservations at +30 698 18 30 727 or +33 685 016 626


The Big Blue:
Manos, our certified instructor, takes you to discover the underwater wonders of the island. Our program: corals and fish from the creeks of Mount Kalamos, legendary wreck of the bay of Roukounas, introduction to diving.

Reservations: +30 698 1830727 or +33 6 85 01 66 26